About the Artist

Suzanne Renaud, Precious Pet Paintings artist


Suzanne Renaud, Precious Pet Paintings

Suzanne Renaud was a self-taught artist who began drawing the world around her as a little girl. Equipped with a single pencil and scraps of paper she could procure from family members, with her beloved Boston Terrier by her side, she would sketch people, architecture, landscapes, and animals in her home state of Rhode Island.

Later in life and inspired by her connection with animals, especially dogs, Suzanne started to experiment with oils, watercolors, and pastels as a medium to create whimsical dog portraiture. Her prolific portfolio has been celebrated by dog lovers and art enthusiasts and featured in veterinary publications worldwide. 

Suzanne hoped that her work would contribute to creating a stronger bond between people and animals. It was important to her to use her gift to help animals in need, and for this reason our company has always contributed a portion of our sales to animal rescue.  

“If my art brings the slightest smile to your face, I consider myself a successful artist.”

-Suzanne Renaud (1951 - 2011)